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Offering 2 tower cable wakeboarding in the city of Peterborough we provide individually tailored tuition, hire equipment everything you need for a great outdor activity. You will have a skilled operator to yourself during your session able to give you advice to get you started while carfully tayloring the speed of cable so you get the perfect amount of pull to get you up on the water or to save an

expert rider from the occasional back edge. Our wakepark will soon include a range of features to keep all levels of rider progressing in a safe fun enviroment. We are passionate about the sport and wakeboard every chance we get if you have never tried its great fun and great exercise or if you already ride follow the book online link above.


Never ridden a wakeboard?

Borrow all the gear from us just bring a towel and our skilled opperator will haye you standing on water in minuits


Imrove your riding with arrive and ride sessions or get even more time on the water with a multisession card


Want to ride every week? sign up for a membership get great discount and get to know the other riders at exclusive members nights


Book out our park for a great group activity, birthday parties, coorperate days or just big groups of freinds can have a really fun day.

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